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First Time in San Diego

In my attempt to avoid cooking and truly feel like I'm on some kind of respite, I searched for a place I could get something vegan, you know, nothing too picky. After searching my general area, I found Donna Jean which is an all vegan restaurant. I ordered soup, Brussels Sprouts and a great dessert all before 4 in afternoon. It was lovely.

It was some sort of apple or pear something. I fucked it up

I also murdered these delicious Brussels Sprouts

About Me

Abi (the) Mini Jetsetter. 

I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it. 

Move around the world that is. No home base apartment and no storage space eating up all my money.

My belongings are light but my dreams weigh a ton. Follow this vagabond make the dreams a reality.  


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