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Fit-cation Destination- Cabarete, Dom Rep

Something that has been picking up a lot of attention in the past few years are vacations centered around fitness. The idea of being the fat tourist laying on the beach while someone brings you a mojito every 3o minutes is losing its appeal for the fit population. I have been lucky to stumble upon an amazing town that can definitely be classified as somewhere for a fit-cation.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding




These are the four main sport attractions in Cabarete (there is also diving, snorkeling, mountain biking and other activities). If you don't come to this town for these activities, you're not getting the full experience.

You can also sit here on the beach and have a mojito brought to you while someone else is giving you a manicure and someone else is massaging your feet. But you can do that anywhere. At least anywhere in this country.

Cabarete attracts people from all over the world ready to chase the waves and/or winds. When I arrived here, I came ready to learn how to surf. I picked this destination because reviews said people can surf everyday and that it was a good learning beach. Considering I was almost debating choosing another hostel, I have to say that I really hit the jackpot. I got exactly what I wanted and then some.

At Playa Encuentro, I was able to learn so much about the fundamentals of surfing. Living here for three months allowed me to practice as much as I want. There was a bad day where there weren't any good waves? No problem! Just check back tomorrow. Travelers who went there to surf definitely milked their ability to surf as much as possible. Does the forecast say the waves are going to be shit tomorrow? Just go anyways but get there earlier than you originally planned. If you're here to surf, you're going to surf.

That's why this is a great destination for a fit-cation retreat. If you want to go somewhere exotic and warm but also want to challenge yourself physically, this is the town to try it in.

I'm currently in the process of designing retreats for those who want to have a fit-cation. You already sit on your ass at home enough! Time to get out, explore the Caribbean, and try something new! What surfing has done for me both psychologically and physically is truly priceless. Here are some pictures of what you can experience.

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