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I'm becoming invisible!

That's how I felt this first week in the Dominican Republic.

I am not the most skilled vegan cook so with limited skills and limited eateries that would accommodate my diet, I wasn't eating much. I swear I dropped five pounds within the first 72 hours. I'm definitely being forced to put more effort and consideration into what I eat seeing as I have to cook more meals from scratch. In Seattle, I could get multiple vegan entrees, appetizers and desserts delivered to be within an hour. Honestly, I'm happy to get a break from Amazon. I could easily depend on it day-to-day living there. But lately, I have been getting minimal pleasure from food. Living in a big city, I could crave so many different things and they were all readily available. Going out to eat is such an enjoyable activity in cities honestly. To cook all of my own food requires time and knowledge that I once felt I did not have. Now, it's time to flex those muscles (but saying bye bye to this belly fat is nice though 😁) .

Quinoa noodles with marinara

Potatoes, carrots, peppers, and onions sautéed.

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