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To hoard or to throw overboard?

Figuring out what is worth keeping close and what is unnecessary takes time, logic and sense.


Merry Solstice everyone!

I hope whatever you celebrate kicked ass. I am thankful to be spending this time in Connecticut with the loved ones. As much as I'm liking winter less and less, I do truly love New England this time of year.

Now that all the big stuff is done, I’m getting ready to leave again. Something that I have been avoiding is the suitcase. I need to get everything in ONE carry-on and right now, it's in two.

I finally got to it yesterday and I’m glad to say that it looks manageable. I have to plan it down to what I wear on the plane. It takes time but I have to be practical. What articles of clothing will I definitely use versus maybe use? What can I buy there cheaper that I don’t need to worry about bringing with me?

It's not just about donating the dress you haven't worn in a year. Get down to the day-to-day. What is weighing you down that you don't even use? Is everything in your backpack/purse needed for your daily routine?

In order to not carry around anything extra crap I don’t need, I’m constantly outweighing the practicality of something. If I can definitely get by without it or I can find it wherever I go, it’s not going to be something that takes up space in my moving home.


To make room for all the presents you probably just received, check what is in your closet that you definitely don’t use and find someone who might want it or check out Poshmark or LetGo. Let’s start 2019 uncluttered and feeling light.

And to show I’m there with you, here is a picture of the receipt pile that I’ve been apparently carrying around (I have a little bit of a receipt problem). Why the hell am I walking around with German train ticket receipts? Are those my version of souvenirs? And do not get my started on souvenirs....


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